Business and Management Consulting

    Transform the Way Your Organization Works

    Transform the way your organization works and see the impact on your business and your bottom line. When you align your business strategy and goals with people, processes, technology and data, you have the ability to optimize and improve the way you operate, and as your strategic partner, we’ll be there for you every step of the way. 

    At Ca Mayur, our Management Consulting Services deliver actionable solutions to real business challenges that span across people, technology, data, and finances. Our consultants provide organizations with strategic leadership and transformational insights, obtained through years of experience. Together, we work with you to deliver thoughtful, practical guidance and recommendations. 

    When large organizational, procedural, or technological shifts occur, the impact is felt across all levels of a business. With the right direction and leadership, this leads to a highly motivated and productive workforce, streamlined processes, automated workflows, cost savings, and a solid path towards innovation to guide your organization into the future.  

    Business Management & Consulting Services

    The business, management consulting and Project finance services rendered by the firm handles a wide range of problems faced by the clients.These include:

    . Assisting in development and improvement of business process systems and evaluation of alternative systems which are best suited to clients resulting in increased productivity, reduced time and costs.
    . Assisting in development of accounting, budgeting, forecasting and other information systems and evaluation of alternative financial strategies.
    . Assisting in development of systems for cost control and optimum utilisation of economic resources.
    . Assisting in recruitment of accounting and finance personnel.