Tax Facts

Tax Facts

We thought the following information on various tax issues would be useful to you. Personal circumstances always vary, so please ensure you contact us for specific advice.

Tax Foundation Launches 2019 International Tax Competitiveness Index

On October 2nd, the Tax Foundation released the 2019 International Tax Competitiveness Index, which compares OECD countries on over 40 variables that measure how well each country’s tax system promotes sustainable economic growth and investment.

FRANCE: Tax Freedom Day was July 23rd

According to the calculations made by Construable Associates, the French taxpayers’ association, the ratio between public expenditure (State, local authorities, social security, European Union) and the wealth created in France (GDP) is 55.6% in 2019.

AUSTRIA: Tax Freedom Day was August 5th

Tax Freedom Day in Austria was August 5th, according to the Austrian Economics Center. Tax Freedom Day was July 1st in 1976. Since then, the tax burden has grown significantly, pushing the date to August 20th in 2001 and August 19th in 2015.

SWEDEN: Tax Freedom Day is July 18th

July 18th is when the Swedish taxpayers celebrated their Tax Freedom Day in 2018 according to the Swedish Taxpayers Association.